Made in Nigeria

Cecili Bag (Made in Nigeria)

Cecili Bag (Made in Nigeria)

A thought crossed my mind some few weeks back and I already shared it with a group of designers but thought to share it with you my dear readers as well.

Why would Nigerians rather patronize international brands than our own Nigerian brands even when we deliver as good or even better products.
I was discussing with a client who said she loves Nigerian designs but won’t buy them cos they are too expensive and she gave an example of tops/blouses she buys in the uk which go for between the range of N1500 and N3000 only for her to get here and find Nigerian products at higher rates..

How do we handle these issues,that is,how do we give you the best of quality and yet sell at affordable prices??

Here are some answers I could come up with for now:

Electricity: In most countries,they have electricity 24/7 and here in Nigeria we rarely have power for 4hours non-stop. We have to run a generating set the whole day and as we know fuel is now gold in a country that produces it 😦 We spend close to N2000 to N4000 per day on fuel just to meet up with our lovely clients orders.
Please let’s appeal to our government to give us the electricity they’ve been promising us for years 😦

Fabrics/Materials: The rate at which fabrics and materials are expensive now is crazyyyyy and for some of us who want to give our clients the very best have to go for expensive fabrics at all cost. Some of us even go the extra length as traveling out of the country to get quality fabrics in large quantity.
If only we have more companies producing fabrics here in Nigeria but am sure we’ll get there very soon.

If you’ve got more answers on ways to solve this issue at hand kindly drop your comments.

Finally,let’s be proud of our own and patronize our Nigerian designers πŸ™‚

Its all about fashion and all that comes with it πŸ˜‰


Cecili :*

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