Wedding Planning stress

I remember my planning process some years back. I had some good days but I can’t lie I had some major stressful ones.!
Not with the fact that I had 10 bridesmaids or with my mum calling every minute over a particular detail that needed to be sorted out plus my hubby jetting out of the country to arrive a day before the wedding… Oh trust me,I had it all..
So I took a chill pill on a needed basis, lol. My chill pill came in different forms, here are a few;

1. Pray for direction
2. Start planning early
3. Listen to music
4. Delegate – trust me u can’t do it all alone,no matter how much you wish you can.
5. Take a nap to clear my head
6. Spend wisely.
7. Talk to fellow Brides who could understand
8. Take a step back and realize marrying my husband should be my major goal and success!

PS: Whatever you do, do not take a real pill under CECILI’s prescription. Please see a real doctor for that 🙂



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