Halloo everyone,yeah I know its been a while and am sure you are all prolly tired of reading that…all I can say is am ready to keep up with updating this blog now #girlsguidehonor 😀

Well let’s just say,this is very important and as we all know,no info is too much info,so I’ll appreciate it if we can all drop our comments on this topic.

I was at the supermarket with my son(and by the way,he’s just the cutest boy) when I ran into a lady looking all gorgeous and onpoint…was still thinking of how to throw a compliment her way when she turned at the voice of her guy (well I fink) and OMG was I shocked at what I saw!!! The dress she had on was a backless dress and all I could see was the black bra and sm back fat resting peacefully on the flap…all I could do was thank God I hadn’t said a word cos I sure was disappointed.

Anyway,this got me thinking of this topic and thought to share my widows mite.

In my opinion I think that a backless dress is a lot sexier than one that shows off a whole lot of cleavage. But then again I’m a huge fan of bone structure and a dress without a back shows off shoulder blades while leaving enough to the imagination to make you wonder about just what really is lying under that dress. Here are a few tips on how to wear a backless dress to keep them guessing.

Don’t Go Too Low- A backless dress already has pow appeal so there’s no need for the seam to plunge down to your you-know-what. Once you cross that line you’re in danger of looking trashy rather than sexy so be sure to keep it classy.

Wear The Right Bra- If you need to wear a bra then be sure to wear the right kind. I recommend using the stick on bras that many department stores sell. The stick-ons provide some support while taking on the shape of your breasts so that you get a natural look. If your dress has a bit more fabric then you can opt for a bra with a low back or a corset type bra. They’ll provide the support that you need while keeping you comfortable.

Use Sticky Tape- You should definitely invest in some double sided tape to keep things where they belong. This way you won’t have to worry about what kind of view anyone is getting if they’re sitting beside you and happen to look down.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize- The accessories that you use to accent your dress should complement rather than overpower your look. Normally, wearing a ring and bracelets is enough to keep this look so striking that you won’t miss the necklace.

Watch The Hair- An updo is ideal when wearing a backless dress because it shows off your back. However, if you want to leave your hair down then be sure to pull your locks over to the side. It makes no sense to wear a backless dress if you’re going to hide your back.

Stand Up Straight- Good posture is important in general but in this case it can make or break your look. It makes you appear to look longer, leaner and better. If you have trouble with keeping your back straight then try to put on your favorite heels because they should automatically help you in this department a great deal so that you can focus on other things.

Now go out and be sexy!! 😉

Note: Backless dresses are not meant for everyone especially some of us who have got thick backs or spots….pls stay off backless dresses completely so you don’t end up looking tacky and silly.



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